Stop Killing Us.


Bless my fingers – I’ve been trying to write this piece for almost a week now. And lord, has it been hard. Camp Brave Trails felt like I was in a dream for two weeks (It was literally one of the best times of my life.), away from the horrors of the “real”world.

So that’s were I’m going to start off. RIP to the victims of the French terror attacks and every other terror attack that has occurred recently. Their lives were lost too soon. RIP to the victims of any hate crimes, including shootings and victims of racial discrimination, profiling, or otherwise. Some terrible events have occurred in the world, and my heart is heavy for the victims and their families.

Secondly, my heart is heavy for the LGBTQ+ community. On July 13, Deeniquia Dodds was taken off of life support after being shot on July 4th. She became the 15th trans person to be murdered this year in the United States alone. In case you’re unaware – that’s 15 too many. Bless her soul, and everyone else’s.

It is 2016 and I am tired of hearing about LGBTQ+ people getting murdered because we live in a completely hetero-normative world (Not throwing shade at allies, just being honest.). America – we need a reality check. It is not your business who other people love, kiss, or have sex with. It is not your business if someone’s gender identity does not align with their biological sex. It is not your business if someone was born a woman or man but had the wrong genitals. It is not your business. Period.

Stop killing us.

We are not a sin. We are not a crime. We are not sluts. We are not evil. We are not faggots. We are not terrible people. We are not child molesters or pedophiles. We are not murderers. We are not a phase. We will not spread “our disease”. We are not fetishes. We are not weak. We are not hateful. We do not want to hurt you. We are not scary. We are not closed minded. We are not bullet magnets. We are not targets.

We are blessings. We are lovers. We are good. We are strong. We will carry on. We are just trying to use the bathroom. We are being ourselves. We are full of pride. We are peaceful. We are here to help. We are open minded. We will not hurt you. We are us and we respect you. We are queer but still here and we are not going anywhere. We were born with it, babe. (Lady Gaga)


There is nothing else that needs to be said but this: Homophobia is social ignorance.

Thanks for listening. I’ll be sure to post again soon about camp, safe spaces, etc. I just wanted to bring this up first. If you have any questions, please comment. To leave off with a question: How do you show your pride?


Your Queer Queen ♥




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